Comte Cheese Salad

Fast forward 40 years, and I think of her when I make this salad on cold winter days. Simple acts like washing the beets for the salad recipe below bring me comfort. Their earthy flavor and deep red hue speak to me about the inheritance our families pass to us.

It is my view that home-cooked meals & gathering around the table as a family are somewhat forgotten jewels, buried deep under crazy schedules, hectic deadlines, and the drive-through’s of our society. Grammy’s generation wouldn’t understand ours today, not that she’d want to. She made almost everything in her home from scratch, and we still had time to rock on the front porch every night.

I aim to create a family lifestyle which abhors the hasty, pre-made, selfish culture surrounding us. I want my family to learn healthy food choices through my actions. My inheritance to my son will be the same one that Grammy blessed me with–cooking. We might not make butter, but we’ll find our solace in the kitchen and find time to rock on the front porch.

I’m going to do what we all know we need to do. I’m going to take a daily personal interest in my family, and cooking will become our shining jewel.

Grammy, I love you—I hope you’re giggling at those good ol’ times…

Beetroot/Comte Salad:

Boil for ~20 minutes, or roast for ~45 beets thoroughly, so that a sharp knife slides into them easily.
Slice Comte cheese thinly
Plate, heat for a few minutes to melt the Comte cheese, then add S & P.
A bit of olive oil may spark your taste buds, if desired.